Science – The Ecosystem PART 3!!!

Hi Everybody….. its time to do some reading and thinking……

First, lets look at these photos!

These, are all photos of Sanlucar de Barrameda! Did you know, that one of the biggest dangers to the environment is pollution? The waste and dangerous substances left by humans cause harm to all areas of the ecosystem! How do you think we can help protect the environment and reduce the plastic and pollution left by humans?

Let’s read this…..TWO TIMES

Pollution: Waste and harmful substances produced by human activity damage the environment.

Deforestation: Disappearance of forest. It is caused by cutting down too many trees, forest fires or pollution.

Overexploitation: This happens when people consume living thing faster than they can reproduce.


Overexploitation – in CLOTHING!

Who makes your clothes………very often its children…the same age as YOU!

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The environmental impact of MASS production of Clothing, brands like ZARA, H&M, STRADIVARIUS and MORE

This photo shows dye used to colour clothing, seeping into a river in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Responsible Citizens!!!!

Now…..lets make a poster about protecting the environment!