Science – The Ecosystems

What is an ecosystem?

First, lets listen and repeat our vocabulary!

Now watch this video, and then lets read through it together in English!

Types of ecosystems There are terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems: –

Terrestrial ecosystems: They are found on land. The living things that inhabit them are surrounded by air. Factors that influence them are climate, vegetation, the type of soil and the relief.

Aquatic ecosystems: The living thing that inhabit them are surrounded by water. Factors that influence them are salinity, water temperature, light, currents and the type of seabed.

Now, lets think about what kind of ecosystems and physical environments are in our home? What and who are the living things in the ecosystem where you live?!

For example: In my ecosystem…. the physical environment is my apartment, and the living things are my aloe vera plant, my partner Manolo and two dogs (Homer and Lemmy) and of course me!

Let’s see what an AQUATIC ECOSYSTEM and a TERRESTRIAL ECOSYSTEM look like!!!!

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