Science 1º A, 1ºB and 1ºC. Weeks 5th -16th October 2020


Hello! My name is Miriam! We are going to learn funny things, playing, singing, drawing and writing!

Esta programación, va dirigida al alumnado de 1ºA, 1ºB y 1º C.

A continuación os enseño lo que vamos a trabajar durante las próximas dos semanas. Come on!

Pages 6-7

What is the name of our school? PRINCESA SOFÍA

Where can you play at school? I am going to show a map of our playground to play safely.

Then, we are going to use our book, page 6 and 7, and the digital blackboard to reproduce a new video and to learn where can we play at school!!

Pages 8-9

Do you know what are the different parts of our school? Let’s see! Open your book on page 8 and pay attention.

Sing the song!

NOW, we are going to start with a song about parts of school.

When you finish, we are going to do the excersises. Are you ready?

Can you recognise what objects have we got in our classroom? Come in! And pay attention with this video.

Now, open your book on page 9 and do your excersises.

When you fihish, we are going to do something different. We have a special PICTIONARY BOOK (dictionary with photos of our vocabulary), and we are ready to review the vocabulary we have learnt.

I am going to give you, some extra homework.

When you finish, we are going to learn what are the different subjects we have in our school and how the day is divided in three parts (page 10 and 11).

When you finish, you have to use your PICTIONARY and do your next page (3).


Do you know how to have a healthy breakfast? We are going to learn about this practising with some worksheets like this.

What day is it today? Sing the song!

And open your book on page 12.

When is your birthday?

To finish with your PICTIONARY, complete the pages related to unit 1.

Do you have a good behaviour?

Finally, are you ready to check your progress?! Open your book on pages 16 and 17.