Como hoy tenemos 30 mn, únicamente  vamos a corregir las actividades de ayer.

Soluciones actividades adicionales de la página 42 del student´s book

1.- GO/WENT : Amber went with her family.

    2.- HAVE / HAD : and had a fantastic time.

   3.- MEET/MET: She met her Friends Lauren and Kate there.

  4.-SEE/SAW: They saw Step Up ¡¡ in the dance competition.

  1.- Today was the day of the dance competition.

  2.- Amber was very nervous.

 3.- Her dance group Step Up were on stage next.

4.- They were amazing.

1.- The Liverpool Mersey River Festival started  yesterday.

2.-But Amber just wanted to run away and hide.3.-Two days after the festival , Amber, Lauren and Kate joined the group