Actividades 1 2 y 3 de la página 40 del student’s book.

Si no conseguís los audios aquí tenéis las transcripciones:

Actividad 1 Transcripción página 84 del student´s book.

Actividad 2 Transcripción:

The festival

Daisy and Megan are in Joel’s garden. Alfe arrives
and says ‘Hi!’. He’s wearing a new T-shirt. ‘Did you go
to the music festival?’ asks Megan. ‘Yes’ says Alfe, ‘it
was amazing’. Alfe went to the festival with his dad and
his sister. They saw lots of bands and Alfe took lots of
photos. He made a video too. It’s a video of Ed Feeny, the
singer. Megan wants to be a guitarist one day and Joel
wants to be a singer, but, oh, no! Joel can’t sing!

Actividad 3 Transcripciones:


Narrator: Fantastic festival
Isabella: In March, I went to a capoeira festival with my
cousins. Capoeira is a martial art, but it includes dance and
acrobatics too. Everybody wore white clothes. Musicians
sang songs and played drums. I loved it and made a video
to show my friends. In the afternoon, we went to a capoeira
class. We learnt a song and some capoeira moves. After
the class, we went for dinner. I had spaghetti and drank
some delicious mango juice. It was a really special day.


Listen and correct the mistakes.

Isabella went to the capoeira festival with her friends.

At the festival, everybody wore white hats.

At the capoeira festival, musicians sang songs and
played guitars.

At the capoeira festival, Isabella made a video to show
her family.

At the capoeira class, Isabella learnt a poem and some
capoeira moves.

Isabella had salad and delicious mango juice for lunch.

Soluciones actividades 1 2 y 3 ficha página 31 y oraciones del día 23

1 From left to right and from top to bottom: made, saw,
wore, took, met;
1 met, 2 went, 3 saw, 4 wore, 5 made, 6 took
2 1 didn’t take, 2 didn’t have, 3 bought, 4 met, 5 didn’t
drink, 6 saw
3 1 a friend. 2 They didn’t go to an autumn festival. They
went to a spring festival. 3 Haru didn’t wear a jacket
and a cap. He wore a coat and a hat. 4 Haru didn’t
make a video. He took some photos. 5 He didn’t buy a
manga poster. He bought a manga comic.

Soluciones de las oraciones del día 23 de marzo.

– I bought a T- shirt

– You wore a cap.

– He met some friends

– She saw Fireworks.

– We sang a song.

– You had a snack.

– They went to a festival

– You drank water or you drank some water.

– They took photos.

– We made a video and we took photos