CIENCIAS 6º 21/05/20 Tarea 43 con Omar

Hola! Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

Last week’s questions and answers: 

Question 1: What are sweat glands?

Answer: Sweat glands are long tubes that connect to a pore.

Question 2: What does sweat mainly consist of?

Answer: Sweat mainly consists of water, salts, and waste products.

Health of the Circulatory and Excretory System

Taking care of our circulatory and excretory systems helps us to avoid diseases.

Health of the Circulatory System

To look after our circulatory system, we should:

  • exercise regularly to strengthen our heart and blood vessels.
  • eat a healthy diet to help us avoid diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

A healthy diet contains healthy fats, such as fish oil and olive oil, as well as fruit and vegetables. It should not contain too much salt.

We should avoid activities that harm our circulatory system, such as drinking alcohol and smoking.

Diseases of the Circulatory System

Some diseases can affect our circulatory system. Over time our arteries can get harder and become blocked as fat builds up on their walls. This is more likely to happen if we do not exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Health of the Excretory System

We should drink one and a half litres of water a day. This is about six glasses. This helps our kidneys to produce urine and prevents waste products from building up.

Having good personal hygiene also helps to avoid some diseases of the excretory system. We should keep the skin around our urethra clean after we use the toilet and when we shower.

Tarea para esta semana:

Question 1: What are two ways we can maintain a healthy circulatory system?

Question 2: What are two ways we can maintain a healthy excretory system?

Vocabulary: diseases, exercise, drink, healthy diet, personal hygiene