CIENCIAS 6º 14/05/20 Tarea 38 con Omar

Hola! Happy Thursday everyone 🙂 

Last week’s questions and answers: 

Question 1: What is the process of excretion?  

Answer: The process of excretion consists of the elimination of waste from the blood in our body. 

Question 2: What are the different parts of the excretory system? 

Answer: The different parts of the excretory system are the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. 

The Sweat Glands

Our skin is covered in sweat glands that produce sweat.  

Sweat consists mainly of water, but it also contains salts and waste products. 

When sweat is secreted through pores in the skin to keep us cool, the waste products are eliminated. That is why sweat glands are considered part of the excretory system. 

The pores in our skin are very small openings which allow the sweat to leave our body. 

Sweat glands are long tubes found under the surface of the skin. Each sweat gland connects to a pore. 

Tarea para esta semana:

Question 1: What are sweat glands? 

Question 2: What does sweat mainly consist of? 

Vocabulary: sweat glands, pores, waste products, excretory system