CIENCIAS 5º 21/05/20 Tarea 43 con Omar

Hola! Happy Thursday everyone 🙂

Last week’s questions and answers (las preguntas y respuestas de la tarea de la semana pasada): 

Question 1: What are two examples of good healthy habits?

Answer: Two examples of good healthy habits are eating healthy foods and exercising.

Question 2: What are some examples of food where you can find calcium and phosphorous?

Answer: You can find calcium and phosphorus in dairy products, nuts, pulses, and some vegetables.

The Skeletal System

Here are examples of bones in our skeletal system that I want you to use for the homework:

  • cranium
  • vertebrae
  • pelvis
  • ribs
  • humerus
  • radius
  • femur
  • tibia and fibula

Tarea para esta semana: 

Watch the video and create an example of the skeletal system, and then label the different bones. Use what you can find in your home. More importantly, use your imagination and have fun!

Vocabulary: skeletal system, cranium, vertebrae, pelvis, ribs, humerus, radius, femur, tibia, fibula