Science – The Ecosystems

What is an ecosystem? First, lets listen and repeat our vocabulary! Now watch this video, and then lets read through it together in English! Types of ecosystems There are terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems: – Terrestrial ecosystems: They are found on Seguir leyendo

Climate of Spain – Grade 4

Answer these questions if you can! How many different types of climates are found in Spain? Which are the main factors that affect these climates? Which colour is representing oceanic climate?

Science – Katharine and Lara

Class Activity  Complete the sentences with the correct information from your book:  Precipitation: _______________________________________ Rain: ______________________________________________ Snow: _____________________________________________ Hail: _______________________________________________ Clouds: ____________________________________________ Cirrus: _____________________________________________ Cumulominbus : _____________________________________ Stratus: ____________________________________________ Look at these photos, does the climate look cold or hot? 

Science – Katharine & Lara Hello!!!! Click this link and view the powerpoint for the next sessions of our classes!