4ºB – 4ºC English

Hello everybody!! How are you? I hope you’re fine!! What happened at Easter? (¿Qué pasó en Pascua?) I hope you enjoyed it !!

Today we’re going to know a little about Easter. In Spain we celebrate «La Semana Santa» but in England they celebrate Easter (Pascua).

Listen and repeat these vocabulary:

Write the date in your notebook: Tuesday 14 th April 2020

Copy the Easter Vocabulary . You can draw the pictures and write the meaning below or you can write in English and next the translation into Spanish.

Later you watch this video. Listen and read :

En este vídeo vamos a ver cómo se celebra la Pascua cada día en Inglaterra. Copia en inglés la actividad que más te gustaría hacer si vivieras allí. Y luego copia en tu cuaderno todas esas comidas o postres tradicionales que has visto y busca su significado en el diccionario si no sabes lo que significa.

When you finish you can make a Paper Bunny.

You only need : paper, scissors, glue and colored pens 😉

Bye bye!! See you soon!!