4B – 4C English María Isabel

Hello everybody!!! How are you today? Are you fine? I´m fine .

What day is it today? Today is Monday (the ) 30th (of) March 2020

What’s the weather like ? Look the video and tell me what´s the weather like today…

Now write the date of today in your notebook : Monday 30th March 2020

Copy and answer these questions about the picture:

1.- Is he young? __________________________________

2.- Has he got curly hair? ____________________________

3.- Has he got brown hair?________________________

4.- What’s he wearing? He’s wearing grey trousers, _____________________and ____________________________________

Resultado de imagen de imagenes de dibujos de un hombre

2.- Translate these words

moustache= ________________


dark hair=________________________

fair hair=____________________________

curly hair=____________________________


long hair=_______________________________

short hair=_____________________________

Bye , bye boys and girls !! See you soon!! and be good 😉

Soluciones del ejercicio 2 .- Read, match and say the missing word (page 50)

1.- She’s got short and curly , dark hair = C

2.- He’s got curly fair hair and a beard = a

3.- She hasn’t got curly hair . She’s got long dark hair= b

4– He’s got curly , fair hair and a moustache=d