4B – 4C English

Hello everybody!! How are you? Are you fine?

Today we´re going to describe someone and we’re going to say his o her job. Do you remember the jobs?

Now , Let’s see an example …

She’s a doctor . She’s got straigh fair hair and blue eyes. She’s wearing a white robe, white shirt , a white skirt and black shoes.

Resultado de imagen de dibujos para niños de doctor

Now it’s your turn!! Do you remember this video?

Write the date of today (escribe la fecha de hoy).

Today is Wednesday 2nd April 2020

and describe in your notebook the next picture:

Resultado de imagen de dibujos para niños de un policia

He’s a___________________________

He’s got ___________________________

He’s wearing ___________________________

Soluciones de los ejercicios anteriores:

1.- Yes, he is

2.- No, he hasn’t

3.- Yes , he has

4.- He is wearing grey trousers, a blue jumper and brown shoes.


Moustache= bigote; beard= barba; dark hair= pelo oscuro ; fair hair= pelo rubio ; curly hair= pelo rizado ; freckless: pecas; long hair= pelo largo; short hair= pelo corto.

Bye bye boys and girls!!! And be good!!! 😉