3A- 3B- 3C English

Hello everybody!! How are you today? Are you happy? …

What day is it today? Today is Tuesday (the) 31st (of ) March 2020

And …. What’s the weather like today? Is it rainning? or Is it sunny and cloudy? .

Today we’re going to review the grammar of this lesson (like+gerund questions).

Write in your notebook the date of today (escribe la fecha en tu cuaderno)

And copy this exercise ( y copia este ejercicio):

1.- Answer about you (responde acerca de ti). You answer with: Yes , I do or No, I don’t

a) Do you like playing the recorder? ______________________

b) Do you like using the internet? _________________________

c) Do you like reading a book? _______________________

And now invent two similar questions for these answers (y ahora inventa dos preguntas similares para esas respuestas)

d)__________________________________________? Yes, I do

c)__________________________________________? No, I don’t

Do you remember the jungle animals?

Listen the song and sing at home 😉

Recuerda ver las canciones con los subtítulos en inglés debajo .

La primera vez escuchamos sin leer los subtítulos e intentando entender un poquito y ya la segunda con los subtítulos y ya la última vez la cantamos :-).

Tell me!! What’s your favourite animal? My favourite animal is the koala and you? 😉

Goodbye !!! See you soon!!